Hays South China Overseas Returnees report

Hays South China Overseas Returnees report


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Chinese overseas returnees, or ‘haigui’ as they are colloquially known, have been subject to evolving perceptions in the domestic labour market.

Once synonymous with China’s elite, returning Chinese students and professionals historically played a pioneering role in modernising the Chinese economy by bringing back knowledge of new technologies and experience in international ways of working. But today’s employers are increasingly impartial, with home-grown talent gaining not only equivalent educational backgrounds but elevating the business landscape through their well-connected networks and high work-ethic. 
Despite this blurring of lines, the hard facts remain – China’s overseas returnee population is growing. Statistics from 2019 show that in the 40 years since China’s economy started opening up, more than 3.13 million of the Chinese students who graduated abroad, have returned home. While the pandemic may have temporarily eased international movements, the pervasive impression that overseas education or work experience can give professionals an edge in the workplace is strengthened by booming industries in China that are looking to expand or already have operations overseas. 
How can employers effectively utilise this growing pool of talent? What are their expectations, and how can employers reach them? In our 2021 South China Overseas Returnee Report, we answer these questions and more such as:
• What is bringing South China’s overseas nationals home?
• What advantages and challenges do they bring to the table? 
• What challenges do they face when compared to homegrown talent?
• How can employers use this information to attract and retain returnee talent?

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