The Inside Story in China

The Inside Story in China

We are pleased to announce the launch of The Inside Story in China, a new monthly market sector intelligence report that will profile one market sector and reveal compelling insights into its current trends, challenges and opportunities.

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The Inside Story of Life Sciences in China

In July this year, China became the world’s first major economy to report positive economic growth following the COVID-19 outbreak.

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The Inside Story of Engineering in China

China’s renewed focus on owning technologies and designing products rather than just manufacturing them has led to exciting developments in the space and enormous government support to attract more such businesses.

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The Inside Story of Information Technology in China

From a growing demand for live streamers to a boom in online education, digital healthcare, e-commerce and cloud infrastructure – the digital technology sector in China saw significant expansion earlier this year despite crisis conditions. 

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The Inside Story of Marketing & Digital in China

With a branch seemingly on every street corner, the opening of a new Starbucks does not often generate headlines. However, when the Starbucks Reserve Roastery opened in Shanghai in December, people took notice.

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The Inside Story of Legal in China

Data privacy and lawtech –– otherwise known as a technology that aims replaces traditional legal services –– continue to be the main areas within China that are shaping the world of legal professionals within the country.

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The Inside Story of Accountancy & Finance in China

The accountancy and finance sector in Mainland China matures to catch on with their western counterparts.

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The Inside Story of Supply Chain in China

China, the second largest economy and leading provider of manufacturing services in the world, has recently seen troubling developments in its ever-growing export markets. 

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The Inside Story of HR in China

The ongoing global economic slowdown contributed to 2019 being a year of uncertainty for many countries in the ASEAN region, shaking even the comparatively stable and developed economic landscape of China.

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The Inside Story of Banking & Financial Services in China

China, a superpower known for many superlatives in the global economy, has been responsible for the rapid development in AI technology and being home to a third of the world’s corporate unicorns.

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The Inside Story of Digital Tech in China

While the spotlight this year may have been on China’s disrupted supply chain market, the explosive growth of the country’s digital tech sector has steadily continued on its path to world dominance. 

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The Inside Story of Manufacturing & Operations in China

For almost thirty years the phrase ‘Made in China’ has been analogous with the low-cost manufacture of consumer goods.

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