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Career Progression



2020 has been an unprecedented year for technology. The disruption caused by COVID-19 quickly forced organisations to reprioritise their technology objectives and strategies overnight to enable them to operate in a newly remote environment.Read more. 



The coming year will see China take pronounced steps in prioritising domestic hiring, pharmaceutical companies leading the way in the recruitment market, and digital transformation continuing to be an essential platform, according to recruiting experts Hays, as part of the country’s top 10 talent trends for 2021. Read more 


Why you shouldn’t always just ‘Google it’

Instead of living your life on autopilot - just going through the motions, maintaining your level of ‘comfort’ - your default setting should always be to explore, not to automatically just ‘Google it’. Read more


This important mindset will make you more successful

“I’m not good with technology”, “I don’t cope well with change”. These are thoughts that are subconsciously stuck on replay in our minds, whose voices never seems to quieten, gradually chipping away at our sense of self-belief. Read more


What do you do outside of your 9-5?

Are you a data scientist and budding writer who wants to set up your own magazine? Perhaps you’re a busy managerial accountant who dreams of one day running photography workshops at the weekends? Read More


Does the 100 year life equal a 100 page CV?

Who are you? What have you achieved? Why are you the right person for the job? These are all questions a strong CV should instantly answer for the reader. Think of this document as your own living, breathing personal marketing pitch. Read More


Think your job is meaningless? Think again

In our lifetimes, each one of us will spend the majority of the time we have on Earth doing one of two things: sleeping and working. That’s right, 113,880 hours of our lives will be spent working. Read More


Work is changing – can your mindset keep up?

Get up, commute, arrive at work, make a coffee, settle in for the next eight hours at your desk, turn your computer off, commute, go to the gym, get home, make dinner, watch TV, and go to bed. Read More


How to find your next job using a recruiter

An expert consultant who understands your profession and the sector you work in and who has an intimate understanding of the recruitment process could be just the right person to help you make a breakthrough in your job hunt. Read More


6 lessons that shaped my career

January 1 always assumes that extra significance as people worldwide use it as a clean sheet and the catalyst to start their new year with a set of actions, intentions and resolutions that they have been putting off in the past. Read More


Five attributes that multi-lingual candidates can offer any organisation

More and more businesses are expanding their workforces and client bases to all corners of the globe, a trend facilitated by rapid advances in communication technology and the reduced cost of outsourcing certain services abroad. Read More


Jobseekers: focus less on job titles, and more on skills

For many people, making a career means advancing through different levels until they become CEO, or until they reach the top role or the ceiling of their skills and capabilities. Is that true? Read More


5 tips to help you advance to the next level

“How do I become CEO of a company?”, “Is it better to make one’s career in one company or in many?”, “When do I know it is time to leave my company?” How can you achieve your eventual goal of reaching the top? Read More


4 steps to plan your career

Not many of us have a clear vision of what we want from our careerat a very young age. However, we have to stop and realise that unless we decide on our career goals and take action to achieve them, where we end up will be a matter of luck. Read More


Build your own social network

First things first, what is a strategic network? This type of networking does require planning and effort to build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships as opposed to ‘getting out there’, dealing yourbusiness card deck and hoping for a few leads. Read More


Open the hidden door of the employment

The hidden jobs market is big and very active in China. Many positions vacant are never advertised and are filled through informal or formal networks. The statistics vary, but the consensus seems to be that at least 50% of jobs are not advertised. Read More


How to answer the common questions during interview

Instead of brainteaser interview questions, we suggest employers use competency or behavioural interview techniques. The interviewer is looking for examples of past behaviour that demonstrate these competencies. Read More