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Intrapreneurship Takes Off: Why Employers Want To Hire Innovators 19 Oct 2016
Could ‘intrapreneurship’ be the next buzz word of the corporate world? According to recruiting experts Hays, it’s gaining prominence as organisations look to their staff for innovations and make an entrepreneurial spirit part of their selection criteria when hiring new talent.
Domestic employers on the lookout for imaginative and quick-learning HR professionals 17 Oct 2016
Human resources candidates with strong soft skills will stand out in China’s recruitment market as employers hope them to help companies adapt to the fast-changing digital era.
Commercial roles given priority by companies to combat an economic slowdown 10 Oct 2016
Candidates with a good command of commercial expertise will be hot in China as companies look to boost sales amid a slowing economy, according to recruiting experts Hays in China.
Employers beware: is your online reputation discouraging jobseekers? 26 Sep 2016
More than 80% of Chinese jobseekers say the online comments of former employees influence their decision to apply for a job or work for a particular organisation, according to recruiting experts Hays.
Global index shows easing pressure on China’s labour market 20 Sep 2016
Pressure on China’s labour market showed signs of easing, according to the 2016 Hays Global Skills Index released today which assesses the efficiency of skilled labour markets in 33 countries.
Six tips to get your CV noticed 12 Sep 2016
Making your CV stand out from the crowd in order to secure that first interview can be difficult. How do you ensure you are noticed? Susie Timlin, Global Director of People & Culture – Hays Talent Solutions, offers advice on how you can achieve this.
It’s not all about the money: what motivates staff more? 05 Sep 2016
Whilst money is a key factor for anyone seeking employment, it’s not always the ultimate motivating factor.
10 apps for smarter working 29 Aug 2016
Mobile phones and devices are having the same revolutionary effect on our working lives that the advent of the computer had decades ago. Rapid advances in technology mean there is now a wide range of hardware and software to help organise and streamline one’s working life.
There’s nothing ‘soft’ about soft skills 22 Aug 2016
Why do we call soft skills ‘soft’? In the world of work, where we need more than technical skills to succeed, employers and business leaders need to focus on the importance of soft skills when they recruit, according to recruiting experts Hays.
A Succession Time Bomb 15 Aug 2016
The forgotten Millennials, those at the older end of this generation who are already in their early thirties, are starting to move into middle-management roles but unless businesses incentivise them effectively they’ll become a ticking time bomb for employers’ succession plans.
Digital experience a valuable asset for sales & marketing job seekers 09 Aug 2016
Sales and marketing professionals with abundant knowledge of e-commerce will see strong demand from employers as companies compete for capable talent to help increase their market share. According to recruiting experts Hays, companies are investing more in online sales and marketing to enable them to reach a larger pool of consumers. “Candidates who have a good command of digital marketing and social media are believed to be the right professionals to help increase brand awareness and enhance company performance,” says Simon Lance, Managing Director for Hays in China. “Companies are more generous to offer higher pay and perks to those professionals who can effectively implement digital strategies.”
Adapting Your Job to an Automated World 02 Aug 2016
The automation of the workforce will impact the world of work, but there is no reason to worry about your job since human roles will evolve alongside technological change, says recruiting experts Hays in the latest edition of its Hays Journal. The introduction of robotics into the workplace has already begun; it can be seen in workplaces as diverse as assembly lines in manufacturing plants to the introduction of self-service checkouts in supermarkets, but with this change comes an opportunity to create and adapt existing jobs as the workforce evolves.
What keeps Asia’s CIOs awake at night? 26 Jul 2016
These are the comments of some of the 307 CIOs Hays spoke to for the recruiter’s recently published ‘DNA of a CIO Asia’ report. Despite the robust technical background of most CIOs, the rapidly changing economic and technical environment requires the CIO to stay on their toes in order to act quickly and more innovatively.
Investment spree into virtual reality products drives demand for qualified IT candidates 18 Jul 2016
Heightened expectations for revolutionary products in China’s information technology market will spur a fresh wave of recruitment as companies look for the right candidates to fasten their development process. According to recruiting experts Hays, virtual reality has emerged to be a bright spot in China’s IT industry as companies accelerate hiring processes to attract professionals to boost innovation.
Why are over a third of Asia’s CIOs considering going abroad? 11 Jul 2016
Almost half of Asia’s CIOs have worked overseas, and the majority say this has been of benefit to their career, according to a survey of 307 CIOs in Asia. Recruiting experts Hays spoke to IT leaders about the skills, experience and attributes required to become a CIO. The findings are shared in the recruiter’s ‘DNA of a CIO Asia’ report.
Booming internet business & go-digital campaigns continue to drive recruitment activity in China 04 Jul 2016
The booming development of internet-based businesses in China will usher in a greater demand for candidates with experience of digital marketing and data analysis, according to recruiting experts Hays in China. This is one key finding from the Hays Quarterly Report, for the July to September quarter, which identifies current recruitment trends in the market. Simon Lance, Managing Director for Hays in China, says, “Internet is penetrating nearly all industries in China as innovative and revolutionary products strike a chord with consumers.
Decoding what it takes to become a CIO in Asia 27 Jun 2016
Despite being relatively new, the role of Chief Information Officer is fast establishing itself as a key part of the executive suite. The role faces an extremely fast-changing environment amid the speed of technology advancements, which leaves many aspiring CIOs wondering which direction they should take in their career. Recruiting experts Hays spoke to 307 IT leaders across Asia through in-depth one-on-one interviews, to uncover what makes a successful CIO.
Online job search proves the most successful method for China’s jobseekers 20 Jun 2016
Chinese workers have most success finding a new job through online job websites, according to a survey by recruiting experts Hays.
CEOs need to drive and not delegate digital workplace strategy 13 Jun 2016
The Economist Corporate Network (ECN) report Drive or Delegate? Digital workplace strategy, talent management and the role of the CEO in Asia, identified that 47 per cent of CEO’s claimed to be actively driving digital workplace strategy, suggesting scope for more CEOs to take an active role.
Finding the right personality fit for your team 07 Jun 2016
Putting together a team that not only has the required skills but also a mix of personalities that complement one another is essential for success. Personality mismatch is one of the main reasons behind unsuccessful hires, so focusing on a candidate’s personality when adding to your team can be just as important as assessing their technical skills during the interview process, says Hays CEO, Alistair Cox, in his latest LinkedIn Influencer blog.