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Where the jobs are: Hays releases its quarterly hotspots list

Updated: 19 Jan 2016
FP&A Managers, Business Analysts and IT Project Managersare in demand as organisations invest selectively in headcount to drive business growth, according to recruiting experts Hays in China.
The recruiter has released its latest Hays Quarterly Hotspots list of jobs in demand in China, and a driving factor behind much of the demand is the focus of organisations on making changes, operating cost efficiently and growing their business.  
“Employers are looking for people who can help them make informed business decisions,” says Simon Lance, Regional Director of Hays in China. “Business development remains a focus, as does maintaining costs where possible.
“Demand is not evident in every function in every location, but there are pockets of specific skill shortages,” he said.
But he warns that employers have high expectations when they recruit. “Employers will only make job offers to the top tier candidates. They are still looking for industry specific skills and background that matches their industry.
“Global companies are also seeking candidates with overseas experience to help broaden and strengthen their sales and marketing initiatives. In addition, candidates with experience working for multinational organisations have a significant advantage over those who do not as their knowledge, experience and skill set are in high demand.”
According to the Hays Quarterly Hotspots list, demand exists for the following skilled professionals in China:
  • Head of Compliance - There is high demand for compliance candidates particularly within the banking sector. This is due to enhanced regulations and risk controls, which has resulted in foreign banks placing a higher importance on their compliance departments.
  • FP&A Managers - This demand comes from multinational companies that require talented and experienced candidates to provide financial insights.
  • Finance Managers - There is a high turn-over rate for these roles within China and therefore there is a consistent demand for Finance Managers.
  • Architects - There are many active projects to build schools, offices, retail facilities and entertainment centres, which are driving high demand for Architects within China.
  • Landscape Architects - Landscape Architects are in demand and employers seek candidates who have the skills to assist on major projects such as theme parks, golf resorts and hotel landscaping.
  • Senior Relationship Managers - There is a high demand for candidates who have experience with SOE clients. This shortage is a result of the major foreign banks in China relying heavily on wholesale banking businesses to generate profits and a large portion of their sales revenue coming from their SOE clients.
  • Business Analysts - Overseas banks are migrating their back office business analyst functions to China in order to save costs. For this reason Business Analysts are in high demand and employers are seeking candidates at entry levels who have between two to three years experience in the banking industry.
  • Project and Construction Managers - There is currently a lack of candidates in the market who have bilingual language skills and experience with modern designs.
  • Engineering Managers - Employers are seeking Engineers who have the ability to create foreign designs. There is currently high demand for candidates with the required skills and expertise for this role.
  • Admissions and Marketing Managers - There is a high demand for these candidates, especially in the higher education sector, due to the increasing number of joint-venture programs from overseas top achieving universities. The highly competitive market is also creating a need to recruit these specialists in order to draft students and promote education programs.
  • Head of Schools - China is expanding their market for International Schools as students seek to study abroad. There is a demand for candidates who speak English but have a proficiency in Asian languages and knowledge of Asian-western culture.
  • C++ Developers - C++ is a core performance technology, although the usage is limited to ultra-high performance technology such as high frequency trading infrastructure. As C++ is essential to businesses in the financial technology sector there is a high demand for specialised candidates to manage these platforms.
  • Technical Project Managers - Global Centre of Excellence setups are beginning to see the limitations of only recruiting for advanced developers. As a result they are looking to hire Technical Project Managers who are able to communicate and control project scope in an offshore environment.
  • Talent Development Managers - Talent Development Managers are in high demand as companies want to further develop their employees’ skill sets. 
  • Data Centre Managers - In the last 12 months Chinese companies have built up their own data centres instead of using their previous hosting service. Consequently there is a high demand for candidates who not only have data centre experience but have strengths in PM and communication skills.
  • IT Project Managers - There are ongoing needs for IT Project Managers in China as they help businesses create cost effective projects and internal restructures.
·         Biology Investigator and Medicinal Chemistry Directors - Biology Investigators play a key role in the life sciences sector as they generate new compounds alongside the medicinal chemistry team. Employers are seeking candidates who are equipped with international work experience and the relative skills to fill these roles.
  • Lean/Continuous Improvement - The demand for lean/continuous improvement is steadily increasing, especially within the fast moving consumer goods industry, as industry specialists see the need to further enhance their productivity and concepts to adapt and gain a competitive advantage.
·         Drilling Engineers: Within the oil & gas industry, drilling engineering is one of the key upstream functions that takes accountability for how the potential well will run. Employers are seeking candidates with the adequate skills and experience to manage these functions.
·         Flow Assurance Managers: These candidates are in high demand and they control the entire process of exploration within the oil & gas industry. Flow Assurance Managers are essential to upstream projects.
  • Sales & marketing professionals with language skills - Employers are seeking candidates who have bilingual language skills to fill mid to senior positions in their sales & marketing departments.
See the full Hays Quarterly Hotspots list at
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