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Job seekers say reputation and career progression more important than a big brand

A big brand name is no longer enough to attract Chinese candidates when they look for their next job, says recruiting experts Hays in China.

Updated: 01 Mar 2014
A big brand name is no longer enough to attract Chinese candidates when they look for their next job, says recruiting experts Hays in China.
This is one key finding from the latest Hays Quarterly Report, for the July to September quarter, which identifies what today’s job seekers are looking for.
Simon Lance, Regional Director of Hays in China says: “Today candidates in China look for a role in a stable organisation with a strong pipeline of work, a solid reputation and a good career progression plan. 
“Candidates are also focusing on the balance between working environment and personal compensation. A good leader and a stable organisation are sometimes more attractive than the salary on offer.
“They also prefer to secure a role in new and growing industries, such as amusement parks, theme parks and entertainment centres. For example, for construction and property professionals, such projects present once in a lifetime opportunities that are different from standard roles on offer.”
This has huge consequences for employers seeking to attract the top talent – particularly skills in demand. According to Simon: “Employers need  to attract the right talent by being not only a popular brand, but offering a good working environment with strong managers, good workflow and a focus on development. Investing in training and developing a solid employment brand are two key steps in this process.”
According to the Hays Quarterly Report for July to September, demand is highest for the following skilled professionals:
·         Hays Accountancy & Finance:
Business Finance, Treasury, Tax and Financial Planning and Analysis professionals, Internal Control Managers, Business Controllers and SSC Accounting Managers;
·         Hays Architecture:
Designers and Design Managers with fluent bilingual skills in Mandarin and English and both China and overseas experience;
·         Hays Banking:
Senior Relationship Managers, Senior Trade Finance Managers, Relationship Managers, Credit Analysts, Senior Credit Officers, Risk Management/Controls Officers and Head of Risk;
·         Hays Construction:
Project Managers with between 10 and 15 years of experience, HVAC Engineers, Plumbing Engineers, Mechanical Engineers and Safety Engineers with five years of experience and knowledge of local building codes and regulations;
·         Hays Education:
Admissions and Marketing Managers, Career Development Directors, Sales Directors, Certified Montessori Teachers, qualified English native speaking subject teachers and Lecturers;
·         Hays Engineering:
Quality Managers, R&D Managers, Mechanical Engineers, Process Engineers, NPI and Product Development candidates;
·         Hays Finance Technology:
C# and WPF Developers, Java Developers (J2SE), C++ Developers, Support Analysts and QA Analysts;
·         Hays Human Resources:
Compensation & Benefits Managers, HR Managers, Staffing & Talent Acquisition professionals and HR consultants;
·         Hays Information Technology:
Senior Java Engineers, Java Architects, Development Managers, Project Managers, Senior QA Engineers, Software Sales Managers, e-Commerce Product Managers, Digital Marketing Managers, Business Analysts and BI Managers;
·         Hays Life Sciences:
Product Managers, Sales Managers, Regulatory Affairs Directors, Government Affairs Directors, Clinical Operation Managers, Medical Affairs Directors and Medicinal Chemistry Directors;
·         Hays Manufacturing & Operations:
Business Development Managers, Quality Managers, R&D Managers, Mechanical Engineers, Process Engineers, B2B commercial candidates, Product Development candidates and General Managers;
·         Hays Property:
Leasing Managers, Asset Managers, Facility Managers, Business Development Managers, Contract Managers and Property Investment Fund Managers;
·         Hays Sales & Marketing:
Brand, digital, PR and trade marketing professionals and Key Account Managers;
·         Hays Supply Chain:
Supply Chain Managers, Warehouse Managers, Logistics Managers, Custom Clearance Managers and Supply Chain Process Managers.
To read the full Hays Quarterly Report, including candidate and employer trends and future issues, please visit
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