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The report looked into job market landscape of China’s manufacturing industry, the major talent attraction and retention challenges, the business confidence under the recent economic downturn, and the impact of recent government policies on the industry’s job market. mandoicon 

Over the last 30 years, China’s manufacturing industry has grown to global dominance. China has also used its manufacturing engine to boost living standards by doubling the country’s GDP per capita over the last decade.

After about 30 years of explosive growth, however, it has seen the China Manufacturing industry together with the overall economy has slowed into a rational and sustainable level of growth. China today has entered into a transition period from a manufacturing and infrastructure focused to domestic consumption and services driven economy.

At Hays, we are very proud of the strong relationships with the top professionals working in this industry. Against the transformation backdrop, we conducted an in-depth survey to over 1,500 respondents all working in different manufacturing sectors and came up with this “China Manufacturing Industry Employment Outlook” report.

Click here to download a soft copy of the report and find out:

• What does the job market landscape look like within different manufacturing sectors?
• What are the major talent attraction and retention challenges for manufacturers in China?
• How is the business confidence under the recent China economic downturn?
• How the most recent government strategy “One Belt One Road” and “Made-in-China 2025” will impact the China manufacturing job market?
• Are employees in the industry satisfied with their remunerations? What are the expectation gaps?

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