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Top 10 talent trends for China in 2014

Updated: 14 Apr 2016

Strong growth in the IT sector, more accessible healthcare and increasing foreign participation are among the trends that will drive jobs growth and shape the recruitment landscape in China in 2014, according to recruiting experts Hays.   


“China's economic growth picked up pace in the July-to-September period and grew 7.8 per cent from a year earlier, up from 7.5 per cent expansion in the previous quarter,” said Simon Lance, Regional Director of Hays in China. “This bodes well for the job market in 2014.  


“China is clearing the way for freer markets, increasing foreign participation, investing heavily in the infrastructure of its burgeoning cities and creating the social conditions for middle class families to grow in size, so we can expect continued growth in the economy and the jobs market in 2014 and beyond.


“In 2014 we will continue to see strong demand for IT professionals across many sectors. We expect more global and international projects to be delivered in China that in turn will create more junior to middle senior level jobs.


“Another trend will be opportunities in the life sciences industry as the Chinese government looks to improve the availability of good healthcare by making it more affordable and available in all regions of China. This will lead to an increase in demand for clinical, medical and R&D professionals.


“China’s new leadership is funding an aggressive growth program with major infrastructure investments including hospitals, which has created increased demand for talent experienced in designing and building hospitals based on current standards,” he said.


Hays’ top 10 talent trends for 2014:


1.     IT jobs growth: China’s IT industry will continue to grow strongly in 2014,” says Simon. “We will see more global and international projects being delivered in China, which will create more junior to middle senior level jobs. This is partly due to two reasons: cost saving and China’s stronger technical delivery capability. Yet a shortage of talent with extensive hands-on technical experience will remain a challenge for employer looking to recruit in 2014.”


2.      Accessible healthcare: The Chinese government is making good healthcare more affordable and available in all regions of China. As a result, life science companies will continue to target and drive sales of their products to the newer and largely untapped markets in the Western provinces of China. This will lead to jobs being created in Western China, such as Sichuan province.”


3.     Life sciences’ regulatory drive: Sales of medications and treatments are now to be based on clinical evidence and statistics. New Government regulations are in place to ensure prescriptions are based on clinically proven efficacy and safety. As a result we will continue to see increased jobs in clinical, medical and R&D, and also in the legal and compliance functions within pharmaceutical companies.”

4.    Investment in education: China will continue efforts to expand the top nine universities through more than $1 billion of investment in major campuses. Funds will be committed to attract top faculty, build state-of-the-art facilities, and recruit the very best students. China is committed to competing in the global war for intelligence, education, and skill. There has been an increase in new permanent jobs due to the growth potential of the education industry, yet there is a shortage of suitable candidates with the right skills and overseas experience.”


5.     Building boom continues: China’s new leadership is funding an aggressive growth program with major infrastructure investments to support urban development, including huge allotments for housing, schools, roads, and hospitals. As a result candidates experienced in designing and building hospitals based on current standards will be sought.”


6.     Technological investment: We expect both local and national Governments to invest in more technology-driven sectors, including advanced agriculture, transportation and medicine. This initiative will be aimed at improving China’s productivity and manufacturing competitiveness. It will lead to jobs growth in new product R&D and infrastructure planning that is tailored to the needs of Chinese consumers.


7.     A hub for international talent: China has become an international talent market where expatriates from Europe, America or Asia come to seek job opportunities. Employers are becoming more open to hiring foreigners and competition among global candidates will heat up in 2014.”


8.     Adoption of social media: Social media is a hot topic in the human resources market. In the recruiting space social media and networking sites have become widely adopted and have contributed significantly to candidate engagement and relationship building. In 2014 expect most employers to look for HR professionals with the expertise in social media to take better advantage of this trend.”


9.     Improving employee relations: The financial crisis forced many businesses into downsizing their workforces and this has led to growing demand for Employee Relations Managers. Software publishing, computer systems design services, internet services, logistics, retail, manufacturing, and consumer electronics employers in particular are recruiting in this area. Employee relations professionals build the communication bridge between employees and employers to help prevent conflicts and problems. They also ensure that all actions taken are compliant with the local laws, regulations and employee handbooks. The demand for their skills will rise in 2014.”


10.  Multinational corporations continue to recruit: We expect MNCs to recruit accountancy and finance professionals with multilevel skills in 2014. The additional skills sought will relate to business sectors, such as sales & marketing, supply chain and plant operations. This will be a response to the number of MNCs struggling to find qualified candidates to support their new plant developments, especially in the northern part of China, as well as manufacturers building up share service centres to centralize supporting functions.”


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