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Recruit for tomorrow: Five traits to look for when you next recruit

Making the right hire for your business is essential to its success, not just for today but more importantly, for the future – but how do you get it right? According to Hays CEO, Alistair Cox, there are five key traits that can help any hiring manager identify top talent. 
Updated: 14 Apr 2016



Alistair says, “During my career I have been lucky enough to meet some of the best and brightest job seekers around, those people who have not just excelled in an interview, but have gone on to do great things.”

 To identify such talent, Alistair says you should look for candidates with:


1) A vision for the future

To safeguard a business against the future, an organisation needs people who are able to look forward. They need to have an understanding of the direction the industry, as well as the business, is heading. Alistair says, “Hire employees who also have a clear view of the bigger picture, those who have a vision for the future of the business and the industry they are working in and can communicate this to their colleagues and teams.”


2) Digital makers, not digital observers

The advancement of technology has had a big impact on business and will continue to do so. That is why hiring skills for tomorrow is extremely important. Alistair says, “Look for candidates who are not only observing these skills, telling you how important they will be for the future, but those who are actively up-skilling themselves and who have an appetite and aptitude to learn quickly. These are the people who will help your business make and lead new trends.”


3) Shared values

It is important that a company and its employees share the same values. If your employees believe in your company’s ethics and what they are striving to achieve, you will get more out of them. Alistair says, “A business’ values underpin the way it operates every day so look for hires who are driven and passionate about similar principles. If a candidate’s values differ from that of an organisation, you are unlikely to get the best out of them.”


4) complementary fit

Not only must you hire people who share the same values as your business but you also need to find someone who is able to work alongside their new colleagues. Placing an employee into the wrong team, where perhaps their skills and personality don’t fit, can be disruptive. Alistair says, “Look for candidates who can not only bring something a bit different to the table, who will push and drive a team forward, but also someone who complements the skills and personalities of the existing team.”


5) EQ as well as IQ

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is difficult to evaluate during the hiring process but assessing whether a potential employee will be able to gain the respect of their colleagues, as well as lead and motivate, is vital. Alistair says, “Look for candidates who can demonstrate good people skills, honesty and are good listeners; you often find that these skills can come from the most unlikely of places.”


Making the wrong decision when hiring staff can be costly and time consuming. Taking these five pointers into consideration and thinking about your business’s long term needs can help you avoid that. It will also ensure that you have the correct skill set for tomorrow and, importantly, people with the passion to carry on your success.


For more, please see Alistair’s latest LinkedIn Influencer blog.


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