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China’s ‘Internet Plus’ strategy leads to surge in demand for IT professionals

Updated: 14 Apr 2016

Demand is increasing for IT professionals in China as it integrates the Internet, big data and other technologies with traditional industries such as retail in a strategy known as 'Internet Plus',  says recruiting experts Hays.  

 In its latest Hays Quarterly Report for July to September 2015, the recruiter says there is increasing demand for UI/UX Developers, Mobile App Developers and Digital IT/eCommerce experts.

 "The government plans to invest more in Internet infrastructure which will cut the cost of providing online services to consumers,” says Simon Lance, Managing Director of Hays in China. “It's also providing subsidies and lowering taxes to help develop Internet companies.

  “We are seeing increased demand for IT talent from companies utilising Internet and eCommerce technologies/platforms compared to traditional IT outsourcing companies/consultancies where IT executive salaries are about 20 per cent less.”

 In terms of skills in demand for the quarter, the recruiter says there is a strong need for UI/UX Developers. “These candidates are scarce and can usually choose from multiple offers. Companies are paying good salaries to attract the best candidates as they need quality UI/UX to develop their products/applications in order to attract more users.

 “Java Developers continue to be in demand in the Internet sector as many companies are using Java for developing their web applications/products. Mobile App Developers are also highly sought after. As China’s mobile users rapidly increase in number, companies are trying to capture this market by developing user friendly mobile apps. Most popular will still be iOS or Adroid platforms.”

 According to the recruiter, adding Digital IT/eCommerce experts to the mix is a new but rising trend. “This role helps provide Internet and digital solutions to deliver to business needs and support business growth,” says Simon.

 “Local companies and privately owned enterprises are keen to take the next step forward in technology innovation and therefore need top talent. Companies are using attractive packages to lure the best Senior IT Executives away from multinational companies (MNCs). IT Directors are in demand to work across eCommerce, ERP, development and service delivery projects.

 “However, culture fit is always a challenge and we have seen Senior IT Executives return to an MNC role in as little as six months to a year,” adds Simon.

 In terms of candidate trends, a higher salary remains a major driver in accepting a new role but candidates also want the opportunity to learn and to use the latest technologies. In addition, candidates favour those employers offering stock options.”

 For more insights on the skills in demand, see our Hays Quarterly Report.

 In China Hays operates from four local offices: Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou and Guangzhou.

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